Social Media Hub
Bring all Social Networks to YOUR WEBSITE! One of the questions you hear over and over in the industry is how websites should handle social media interactions. On one hand you want to "fish where the fish are" and interact with your listeners on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. However, doesn't doing that detract from the importance of your website as a brand destination? What websites really need is a tool that can take all of those social network conversations and aggregate them dynamically on your website.
Mobile blogging is a form of blogging in which the user publishes blog entries directly to the web from a mobile phone.
CellSpin is a one-click live mobile blogging application for video, voice, photo, text blogging.
Our platform gives ad networks and advertisers the ability to seamlessly integrate real-time social media feeds inside any existing ad unit. It converts the typical "static ad unit" into a "real-time multimedia enabled interactive social ad unit".
Social Media Hub on Your Website